Board of Directors

EnviroMission's Board of Directors.

EnviroMission recently accepted the resignation of non-executive director, David Galbally QC AO, after 11 valued years of service to the EnviroMission Board. Mr Galbally’s vacancy has triggered a search for suitably qualified candidates to fill the board vacancy and a further board appointment.

The Board of Directors represents:

Roger Chalmers Davey, B.Bus, CPA, CFTP

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

(Director since 31 July 2001)

Mr Davey was the driving force behind the acquisition of the license to develop and promote Solar Tower technology and the subsequent formation of EnviroMission as the development company.

Mr Davey has served on the board of directors since 2001, in the first instance as Executive Director until his appointment as Executive Chairman in June 2004. Mr Davey held the position of Chief Financial Officer prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in November 2001.

Mr. Davey is a director of SolarMission Technologies, Inc. based in the United States; SolarMission Technologies, Inc. was the global license holder before global development rights were assigned to EnviroMission Limited.

Mr Davey has extensive working knowledge and experience in commodity and financial risk management and holds the qualification of Bachelor of Business (Economics/Accounting), and is a Member of Certified Practicing Accountants, Member of Securities Institute of Australia and Member of the Finance and Treasury Association Limited.

Mr Davey was a director of Australia's largest stock broking firm, McIntosh Risk Management Ltd (now Merrill Lynch) and responsible for the creation and development of financial futures operations as managing director of McIntosh Risk Management Ltd.

Mr Davey was a director of the Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd and Bain Refco Commodities Limited, a brokerage house owned by Refco Inc, of the USA and Deutsche Bank AG.

Mr Davey was responsible for the creation and development of the futures clearing services offered by Deutsche Bank Australia. He has also been a director and Chief Financial Officer of companies listed in Australia, USA and Canada, one with a triple listing on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and ASX.

Andrew Draffin B.Bus, CA


Andrew Draffin is a partner of the accounting firm Draffin Walker & Co. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Andrew is a director and Chief Financial Officer of both listed and private companies across a broad range of industries. His focus is on financial reporting, treasury management, management accounting and corporate services, areas where he has over 15 years experience.

Executive Management Team

EnviroMission has a small and passionate core executive team representing staffing levels necessary to provide the essential operational needs to the extent of current project status whilst also meeting the mandatory and statutory requirements of a listed public company.

Expert consultants and professionals are seconded from project partners and collaborators to provide operational input on an as required basis in order to contain overheads in line with the current stage of development.

The core team also provides continuity, knowledge capital and project awareness necessary to facilitate and support a consultancy based model to minimise operating overheads.

Roger Chalmers Davey, B.Bus, CPA, CFTP

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Davey has extensive knowledge of, and experience in; commodity and financial risk management; exchange and regulatory market matters; and, equity and capital finance issues and has been Chief Executive Officer since November 2004.

Andrew Draffin, CA

Company Secretary

Mr Draffin is a member of the Insitute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is partner with accountancy firm Draffin Walker & Co Chartered Accountants.

Mr Draffin provides experience in accountancy and secretarial services to both publicy listed and private companies operating across a broad range of sectors.

Kim Forte, B Soc Sc

Communications Manager

Ms Forte joined the executive management team in 2001 and is responsible for all facets of corporate communications.

Ms Forte has a background in socio-environmental science and worked extensively in corporate communications roles across diverse industries including retail, higher education, publishing and design, with expertise highlighted in public, government and investor relations.

Ms Forte has also managed projects with strategic outcomes required from the disciplines of marketing, branding, and, research and design.

Ms Forte was Vice-President of one of Australia's leading environmental education organisations, the Gould Group, having served on its board from 1996 - 2006.

Christopher Davey, B. Comm (Hons)

President, EnviroMission Inc.

Mr. Christopher Davey completed a B.Comm with honours majoring in Management, Marketing and International Business.

Mr Davey has in-depth understanding and experience of the financial and security markets in Australia and the United States as a result of management roles within the boutique investment banking sector with particular emphasis on small market capital and emerging companies.

Since formally joining EnviroMission, Mr Davey has been responsible for commercial operations in the United States.