Solar Tower STP® technology proposes use of solar radiation to heat air beneath an expansive translucent canopy to create a solar thermal wind to drive large centrally located turbines to generate electricity.

Frequently asked questions about Solar Towers are answered on the Solar Tower FAQ's page.

Solar Tower STP® technology has three main features.

The Tower

A tall central tall tower is designed to provide a constant updraft effect that will draw heated air through turbines located around the base of the tower up through the tower (much like a chimney effect) into the cooler air at upper opening of the tower.

The thermal wind caused in part by the updraft effect of the tall ‘chimney like’ tower is drawn through turbines to create the mechanical energy that generates electricity.

There is a correlation between the height of the tower to the strength of the updraft effect – a high-capacity power plant would make use of the highest available tower design.

The Canopy

A vast undulating translucent canopy is designed to surround the lower area of the tower; within the canopy air is heated by solar radiation (heat from the sun) to effect thermal and fluid dynamics to cause the heated air to rise to the point where an updraft is caused from the ‘chimney effect’ of the tower and draw the heated air through the turbines to generate electricity.

The Turbines

Pressure staged turbines similar to Kaplan Turbines used in hydro-electricity projects will be located in galleries built into the lower surrounding structure of the tower. The updraft effect from the ‘chimney like’ tower will draw the heated air through the turbines to generate electricity.