Corporate Governance

The EnviroMission Board of Directors have implemented the Best Practice Recommendation of the ASX Corporate Governance Council to the extent it is appropriate for the size and nature of the company's business.

The defining principals of EnviroMission's corporate governance policy are:

  1. Lay solid foundations for management and oversight
  2. Structure the board to add value
  3. Promote ethical and responsible decision-making
  4. Safeguard integrity in financial reporting
  5. Make timely and balanced disclosure
  6. Respect the rights of shareholders
  7. Recognise and manage risk
  8. Encourage enhanced performance
  9. Remunerate fairly and responsibly
  10. Recognise the legitimate interests of stakeholders

These principals are applied with regard to an overarching value for 'What is the right thing to do?' as part of the review and decision making process.

The expanded principals are available on pp 3 - 6 of the 2016 Annual Report.


Code of Conduct

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