EnviroMission's global development focus evolved from a need to increase development advantages and opportunities for the Australian Solar Tower concept beyond the limits of available incentives to renewable energy developers in Australia.

EnviroMission started work on development back in 2001 with a search for the best possible site for the world's first Solar Tower power station.

A site was selected at Buronga in the southwest corner of New South Wales, on a former wheat and cattle station known in the district as Tapio Station, 23km north of Mildura. Tapio Station is mostly flat to undulating, semi arid and has the necessary solar radiation levels in close proximity to transmission grids.

Whilst EnviroMission now expects the first Solar Tower will be developed in the USA, it is felt international development will provide important leverage to increase development prospects in Australia. EnviroMission is seeking the strongest business case for development, and conditions in the USA support development ahead of Australia at this time.