Company Profile

Who we are

EnviroMission Limited is a Melbourne based proprietor and promotor of clean, green, disruptive renewable Solar Tower Solar Thermal Powerstation STP® technology.

​A dual listed entity, (ASX:EVM) (OTCQX:EVOMY) EnviroMission operates to commercialise Solar Tower STP® technology in global markets through joint ventures, partnership and licensing agreements to access local market expertise and development capital for increased project success.

​EnviroMission operates a 100% owned Arizona based subsidiary, EnviroMission Inc, to manage EnviroMission's Solar Tower STP® development interests in the southwest solar belt ​of the United States.

​EnviroMission owns a 20% free carried and non diluting interest in Apollo Development LLC (Texas based Developer). Apollo aims to develop STP® technology in Texas on completion of the terms and conditions of the executed Heads of Agreement.

Subject to fulfilment of the terms and conditions of Heads of Agreements;

​Q Analytica LLC (MENA Developer) aims to develop STP® technology in the Middle East and North Africa regions.
​RA Solar PVT LTD (India entity) aims to develop STP® technology for the India market.

Company Vision

To develop highly innovative and profitable large scale renewable energy projects for the Global energy market, specifically the United States, Australia, MENA & India.