EnviroMission Inc

EnviroMission Inc, a 100% owned subsidiary of EnviroMission Limited, was established to lead EnviroMission's strategic intent to development Solar Tower STP® in the US.

Based in Scottsdale, EnviroMission Inc. is ideally located to lead the commercialisation of Solar Tower technology in the southwest solar belt of the US to benefit from incentives and positive energy policies in the US market.

La Paz Solar Tower Sites

EnviroMission has announced it has filed a land application In the US for a prospective Solar Tower power station development.

The site, now formally earmarked in Arizona, with a total 5,500 acres (2225.85 hectares) is suitable in size for development of a 200MW Solar Tower power station.

The application, to the Arizona State Land Department, is for marginal land that had been identified as ideal for Solar Tower development within due diligence studies that showed all critical development criteria, including meteorological and solar insulation parameters would be met and exceeded at the sites.

Ownership surveys informed the application and identification of the site will remain confidential until the application process requires further disclosure in order to avoid any prejudice to EnviroMissions application.

Cultural, archeological, and environmental surveys have been completed.

US MOU's signed

EnviroMission has previously announced memoranda of understanding with 

  • Central Arizona Water Conservation District (July 2015)
  • United States Department of Energy (November 2014)

​​Texas Solar Tower Development - Apollo Development LLC

Apollo Development LLC (Apollo) is an origination and development company formed to bring and manage innovative, proven and profitable power genertion technologies to the deregulated Texas power market. EnviroMission has a Heads of Agreement with Apollo on the following terms:
  • ​Non refundable US$2,000,000 development fee ($1,200,000 received)
  • Annual Royalty and Technology fee from future Solar Tower developments in Texas.
  • 20% free carried non diluting stake in Apollo.
​Texas market:
The Texas power market is the largest in the US and is projected tp grow annually at a 2% or greater rate. The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has projected that Texas population and economics growth in conjunction with seasonal weather conditions may cause future electricty demand to exceed supply and necessary reserves by 2020.
​Exacerbating this potential power supply shortfall is the inevitable forced retirement by the EPA of the lignite- fired baseload Texas Coal plant.