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Board of Directors

Roger Chalmers Davey 

Executive Chairman & CEO

Mr Davey was the driving force behind the acquisition of the license to develop and promote Solar Tower technology and the subsequent formation of EnviroMission as the development company.

Mr Davey has served on the board of directors since 2001, in the first instance as Executive Director until his appointment as Executive Chairman in June 2004. Mr Davey held the position of Chief Financial Officer prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in November 2001.

Mr. Davey is a director of SolarMission Technologies, Inc. based in the United States; SolarMission Technologies, Inc. was the global license holder before global development rights were assigned to EnviroMission Limited.

Mr Davey has extensive working knowledge and experience in commodity and financial risk management and holds the qualification of Bachelor of Business (Economics/Accounting), and is a Member of Certified Practicing Accountants, Member of Securities Institute of Australia and Member of the Finance and Treasury Association Limited.

Mr Davey was a director of Australia's largest stock broking firm, McIntosh Risk Management Ltd (now Merrill Lynch) and responsible for the creation and development of financial futures operations as managing director of McIntosh Risk Management Ltd.

Mr Davey was a director of the Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd and Bain Refco Commodities Limited, a brokerage house owned by Refco Inc, of the USA and Deutsche Bank AG.

Mr Davey was responsible for the creation and development of the futures clearing services offered by Deutsche Bank Australia. He has also been a director and Chief Financial Officer of companies listed in Australia, USA and Canada, one with a triple listing on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and ASX.

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Pierre Koshakji 


Mr Koshakji was a Senior Managing Partner at Stream Energy In Dallas Texas, and  has led on the development of the EnviroMission enterprise with his company Apollo in the USA. He has been working in the renewable energy sector for the last 20 years focussing on the Solar Cyclone Tower in recent years. He has an MBA from Cox School of Business at the Southern Methodist University and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt

  • Founder/Managing Partner of Stream Energy.
  • Served as CEO and President of several public companies
  • Serves on Executive Committee of the National Energy Marketers Association.
  • Board of Advisors Member, Institute for Effective Leadership

Advisory Board Member and Consulting Engineer, Med-Tech Systems International

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Dr John Hassard 


Dr Hassard has led on the development of the EnviroMission Intellectual Property portfolio for the last five years; he has been working in the renewable energy sector for the last 21 years and on the Solar Cyclone Tower for over 5 years. He has a PhD in Particle Physics, and was a Faculty member of both Harvard University and Cornell University, for over 5 years and of Imperial College for over 32 years. In addition to managing the IP portfolio, Dr Hassard leads on the SCT development in the Middle East North Africa region.

  • Long-term leave of absence in the GCC for over 8 years and currently lives there and the UK.
  • Founded 9 companies in the UK and Middle East, from which he has successfully exited four.
  • Award-winning technologies and many patents in optoelectronics, biotechnology and biomedicine, environmental sensing- Hassard is skilled in IP management, renewable energy and in security.
  • Co-founded the Institute for Security, Science and Technology at Imperial College.
  • He has pioneered successful classes such as ‘Environmental Physics’ and ‘Entrepreneurship for Physicists’.
  • Over 300 refereed publications across a wide range of physics topics.
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Andrew Draffin 


Mr Draffin is a member of the Insitute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is partner with accountancy firm Draffin Walker & Co Chartered Accountants.

Mr Draffin provides experience in accountancy and secretarial services to both publicy listed and private companies operating across a broad range of sectors.

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