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    Other Technologies

    We are developing a range of additional technologies to populate the Tower and the Solar Collector.

    Arguably, the most significant will be our Direct Air Capture of Carbon dioxide.

    We are optimizing our approach and will release more details in due course.

    Our best current estimate is that we can remove up to 4m tonnes CO₂ per tower per year.

    The world needs to remove about 1000 gigatonnes of CO₂ in the next 20 years.

    The following opportunities are currently being refined and we expect to be in a position to announce additional information soon.

    They include:

    • 3rd & 4th Generation Biofuels
    • Algae added-value materials
    • Diamond production
    • Telecoms
    • Hydrogen production
    • Lithium production
    • Salt production
    • Tourism.