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Company Profile

Developer of EnviroMission's proprietary Solar Tower Technology

A Public unlisted entity, EnviroMission operates to develop its proprietary technology in global markets through a mix of joint ventures, partnership and licensing agreements that aim to leverage local market expertise and development capital.

Upon EnviroMission's acquisition of the rights to the original Solar Tower concept by Schlaich Bergermann und Partner (SBP), EnviroMission has sought to develop and evolve the technology to something that is now technically and commercially viable. EnviroMission’s cornerstone technology asset, DOVET (Dynamic Optimization and Variable Engineering Tool), a unique and detailed modelling & optimisation tool, allows real-time modeling for proposed efficiency of the technologies various components. The result is a conforming technology that delivers electricity when the end-user requires it.. EVM possesses proprietary knowledge to engineer a Solar Tower economically at any size and configuration.

Construction methodologies have now evolved to meet the complex needs of the project,.

Company Vision

To develop highly innovative and profitable large scale renewable energy projects for the Global energy market, specifically the United States, Australia & MENA.