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Solar Collector

The Solar Collector comprises of a 5km radius undulating greenhouse designed to surround the lower area of the tower; within the canopy, air is heated by solar radiation (heat from the sun) to effect thermal and fluid dynamics to cause the heated air to rise to the point where an updraft is caused from the ‘chimney effect’ of the tower and draw the heated air through the turbines to generate electricity.

It captures the sun’s energy – typically 5-6 kW-h per day per m2. It stores excess heat under the canopy. It allow co-located hydroponics and biofuels.

Over 78m m2, that’s 143m MW-h per year.

Assuming a conversion efficiency of 25% and a coverage of 30%, we obtain 10m MW-h per year from SC photovoltaics.

We are aiming to get 51% conversion efficiency.

The hot air rises day and night with very little drop in speed at night.

We co-locate biofuel farms and hydroponics under the Solar Collector.