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Operations Team

Kim Forte 


Ms Forte joined the executive management team in 2001 and is responsible for all facets of corporate communications.

Ms Forte has a background in socio-environmental science and worked extensively in corporate communications roles across diverse industries including retail, higher education, publishing and design, with expertise highlighted in public, government and investor relations.

Ms Forte has also managed projects with strategic outcomes required from the disciplines of marketing, branding, and, research and design.

Ms Forte was Vice-President of one of Australia's leading environmental education organisations, the Gould Group, having served on its board from 1996 - 2006.

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Andrew Draffin 


Mr Draffin is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is partner with accountancy firm Draffin Walker & Co Chartered Accountants.

Mr Draffin provides experience in accountancy and secretarial services to both publicly listed and private companies operating across a broad range of sectors.

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Christopher Davey 


Mr. Christopher Davey completed a B.Comm with honours majoring in Management, Marketing and International Business.

Mr Davey has in-depth understanding and experience of the financial and security markets in Australia and the United States as a result of management roles within the boutique investment banking sector with particular emphasis on small market capital and emerging companies.

Since formally joining EnviroMission, Mr Davey has been responsible for commercial operations in the United States.

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Andrew Forte 


Andrew has worked for EnviroMission for 14 years and has extensive knowledge of finance, securities, intellectual asset management and IT related activities. He was awarded the Griffith University's 'Award for Academic Excellence 2018' upon completion of his MBA and has also completed his PGDip in Business Administration.


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Mike Rowley 

Energy Consultant

Mike Rowley’s energy career, spanning over 40 years in the industry, began in 1973 as a power plant operator. After six years of hands-on plant operations, he served during the next 14 years with the Salt River Project, a multi-billion-dollar power and water utility supplying central Arizona, as Grid Supervisor during which he acquired expert knowledge of local and national power production and transmission networks. With the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 opening wholesale power generation and retail markets to deregulated competition, Mike subsequently formed Rowley Consulting to advise major power users and new market entrants on successfully navigating deregulated electric market opportunities and risks. Counted among his major clients were Calpine, Electric Clearinghouse, Enron, and Valero. In 1999 Mike joined the Automated Power Exchange (APX), a pioneering startup, where he applied his strategic and operational knowledge to the creation of online markets and exchanges for the electric power industry worldwide. Mike was recruited in 1994 to Stream Gas and Electric, an early and highly successful entrant into the deregulated Texas power market and which grew to over $7 billion in sales, as a member of the founding executive team and Director of Market Research. Mike has served as a board member of Apollo Development since 2012.

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