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Commercialisation through Collaboration

EnviroMission aims to increase shareholder value by promoting and developing the commercialisation of large-scale solar powered electricity generation projects that deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. The Company plans to be the first company in the world to operate a Solar Tower power station generating electricity for varying global demand profiles.  

As a technology and engineering development company, EnviroMission is focused on commercializing Solar Tower technology via three areas.  

  1. Deliver EnviroMission Solar Towers as a “stand alone” developer.

As developer, EnviroMission can maintain outright or significant ownership in each tower and will create annual recurring income from operations and any additional revenue streams. As licensor, the firm will receive recurring royalty or ‘technology fee’ income.

  1. Collaborate with suitable partners and secure technology licensing agreements per country or region.

In markets that are best served by incorporating local partners or entities with greater access to capital and relationships, EnviroMission will license its technology. The cost of a license and a yearly technology fee, and thus revenue to EnviroMission per tower per year, will vary based on the size of the service opportunity. Typically, these figures would result from a negotiated percentage of gross revenues or an amount per a specified generation endpoint.

  1. Maintain global leadership by enhancing EnviroMission’s Solar Toer technology for efficiency and additional revenue streams.

EnviroMission will gain proprietary execution and patentable IP that can be monetized by developing and advancing the worlds first large scale Solar Tower. An example of this would be the creation and optimization of DOVET, EnviroMissions proprietary modelling tool, procurement of materials required to deliver the solar tower – the lessons learned, and relationships secured will also be monetized on future projects.

It is also anticipated that iterations and evolutions toward auxiliary and complementary revenue opportunities for Solar Tower developments will result in further IP creation and development.